We make tailor-made furniture and accessories

For four generations, Riva Arredamenti‘s mission has been to design and make beautiful, durable, highly functional and safe offices, collective spaces, work environments and retail premises. Our greatest asset is the expertise we have built in the manufacture of custom-made furniture and accessories, with a focus on wood, steel and glass.

Today, we have industrial-size facilities enabling us to supply all over Italy and abroad, with our own carpentry shop that employs cutting-edge numerical control machines and a painting plant specialising in superior quality custom-designed furniture. We also have a blacksmith workshop, and we can craft finishes using the latest, fashionable materials available.

The combination of one hundred and ten years of experience, and the satisfaction of all our customers, guarantees the excellence of our work.


Choose between products designed and built by us, or made by the best designers in the industry, carefully selected among the many solutions the market has to offer, taking into account qualitative, aesthetic and functional characteristics. What makes us the most proud? Our custom-tailored products, our very best for more than a century.


and Consulting

We provide a detailed survey of your premises, design, perfectly realistic 3D rendering and virtual reality simulations. Our technical department blends talent and experience into the mix, guaranteed to meet every customer’s needs in the best possible way, with ad hoc solutions that are easy to view and review.


to Architects and Designers

With over 100 years of experience, we offer a service to architects and designers to support them in the works analysis and execution stages, as well as in every step of the project: on-site surveys, feasibility studies, design, on-site assistance, assembly and after-sales service.


the full package

Our full-package, all-inclusive service: from design of buildings and fixtures to the most eye-catching, intriguing and practical furnishing solutions. Riva CONTRACT is the best choice package to exploit communication between all the players involved in the project and optimise resources.


Our Values

  • Q • ST • F • SA
  • E • I • R • P

Quality, Style, Functionality, Safety: the characteristics of all our creations. We think every workplace is of the utmost importance, and because of this we put it at the core of our business. Your workplace is like a business card that tells a story about you and about the business, and it is also a space where ideas, projects and human relationships are born. Your workplace has to be a source of inspiration and well-being, and this means it must be designed taking into account both aesthetic needs and operational ones. For Riva, creating a workspace does not just mean “choosing the furniture”, but rather paying attention to the needs of those who use them, enhancing the environment, the activities and the people that work there, and all of this while complying with safety regulations – today more important than ever.

Experience, Innovation, Reliability, Customisation: these are the core principles of our work. One hundred and ten years of experience mean we have capable, masterful crafting hands, but also a keen eye focussed on innovations in technology, materials, design, and way of working. 110 years mean a solid knowledge of the market and its evolution and of the ever-changing peculiarities of environments, work spaces, safety regulations. 110 years in business also makes us able to solve any problem that arises in the best possible way, while guaranteeing maximum reliability and top quality service. Our approach is oriented towards 100% Customer Satisfaction: we work by focussing on the customer and their needs, and customisation is the keyword for us. We specialise in “custom-tailored” products because no two customers are the same, and because each environment is unique in terms of features and function.

110 Years of RIVA