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The RISTOCOVID system was designed by RIVA ARREDAMENTI with the aim of allowing restaurants and similar businesses to maximise the number of available seats without compromising safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Winter is coming, so making the most of a restaurant’s inside seating space while complying with the regulations in force and ensuring customers safety is an essential requirement for the survival of any restaurant.

RISTOCOVID is a modular system that 1) is incredibly easy to assemble/disassemble 2) needs really very little storage space (it basically consists only of profiles and panels) 3) can be reconfigured at will and very quickly 4) can be sanitised effectively and quickly at the end of each occupation using high temperature steam (the process does not damage the materials used: waterproof panels, glass and metal uprights have been specially designed for it).

Watch the video above to see how intuitive and simple to use RISTOCOVID is. Starting from a basic module with two seats, it is possible to add other adjacent modules. You can obtain different configurations for the same shared space by either removing the panels or leaving them in place. This way, the seats can be arranged as the customers please, retaining safety. The single module can for example allow a couple to eat without having to worry about other people. By removing the partition panel, a family of four, or a group of friends can share the same space. Removing other panels may enlarge the group further. In other words, the layout can be reconfigured as needed. The two-level shelves for food and drinks facilitate aggregation and at the same time optimise the space available to a single unit.

Naturally, RISTOCOVID can be further customised as the panels and shelves can come in many colours.

With RISTOCOVID, RIVA ARREDAMENTI aims to increase (at the very least double) the amount of available seats in any restaurant-type premises.

You are very welcome to contact us for further information, or to receive the English version of our technical PDFs.

info@riva-arredamenti.it0039 0303531555