Designer and custom-made furniture

Partition walls, wall units, closet walls, heavy-duty or formal furniture and chairs, accessories, furnishing accessories and lights: to define its product range, Riva Arredamenti uses the best suppliers and the most prestigious Italian and international office design companies, as well as its own workshop for custom-made furniture and accessories.

We carefully select furniture and accessories, materials and finishes, fabrics and colours and all of this to allow you to create your ideal space, down to the smallest detail.

You are welcome to visit our large Showroom, or take advantage of the advice of our sales representatives, who will guide you in your choice and show you the many opportunities our vast catalogue offers.

We regularly update the Showroom, taking into account the latest trends in the sector and introducing new combinations designed to offer fresh and current ideas.

Our material library houses samples of woods and related materials, plastics and metals, colour palettes of furniture and fabrics, and examples of application of the latest technologies (special lacquers, new material effects, sound-absorbing systems, LED panels, technical glass, and so on).

Last but not least, we have an area dedicated to the history of office design, starting from the early 1900s, featuring unique pieces with a timeless design, expertly restored by the hands of our artisans.