Riva Contract: the full package

Riva CONTRACT is the division of Riva Arredamenti created to offer a full-package service, which starts with the design of the very building and facilities, continues with the study and implementation of furniture and ends with top-notch after-sales assistance.

The service was created to overcome the problems of working in isolation within an interconnected system, and exploits communication and collaboration between Partners to reduce Information Distortions – the cause of errors and delays – and optimise resources.

In the most complex projects, dealing with only one coordinator means optimising management. With the Riva CONTRACT service, Riva Arredamenti can communicate with its collaborators acting as a single agent, taking charge of the management of the project as a whole.

“The philosophy on which Riva CONTRACT is based on is easy to describe but difficult to apply, but I am proud to say that facts speak louder than words, as far as we are concerned” [Engineer Eugenio Riva, President]

Our internal resources are the key to an excellent service:

 ✔ our own technical office with an in-depth knowledge of craft techniques, but always in tune with innovation and technological research. Our architects and interior designers carry out projects capable of satisfying the client’s needs in compliance with regulatory constraints and the feasibility study. CAD layouts, three-dimensional views of the rooms, 3D modelling of furniture and photorealistic rendering are just some of the documents we give to our customer to allow them to truly experience and preview the final result

 ✔ a 4000 m2 warehouse and workshop where our truly experienced and amazingly skilled craftsmen work

 ✔ highly specialized technicians on site, which make sure that the works progress as needed, and that the design matches the results, paying great attention to quality and details

 ✔ several teams of top-level fitters who know the products they work on like the back of their skilled hands, and are ready to satisfy any request with perfect results

In addition to its own resources, Riva CONTRACT also uses a pool of tried and tested, proven reliable subcontractors.

If the customer requests it, however, it is possible to replace some of our subcontractors with those chosen by them.

Riva Contract: gestione del progetto